Bespoke Process

The Tailoring Experience with us

Process 1

When you decide to get your suit or any tailor-made clothes made and you come to visit our shop, you can see that we have a huge fabric display in the shop for suiting, shirting, blazers and winter coat fabrics.

You can choose the fabrics from our various collections displays. We help you choose your fabric. You can choose the latest design from our updated Italian and English Catalogues.

We will take your full body measurements and our salesman will ask you all the details for the cloth designs and details you’d like to order with us. After you submit the complete order, we will set an appointment for the next day or soon after for the first fitting. It will depend how long you will be staying in Thailand. We can discuss with you and have the suit ready before you leave Thailand.

Process 2

According to our appointment, the client is then invited for a second fitting or r our tailor can visit your hotel to give you a fitting. During this fitting time, the client can try on every piece of cloth which makes 50% of the work complete.

Our Tailor will look at the cloths fitting on you and re-measure it. On the final fitting, if there are any necessary adjustments needed, our master tailor will check the details on you and make all necessary adjustments to the fitting.

For example; additional pockets, layers, buttons, etc. This is where the clients specific configuration requirements come into play such features as a stoop, a dropped shoulder, a prominent chest or a hollow back. Each client is defined by their physique.

Process 3

According to an appointment, the client is invited for a final fitting which is where the suit will be completely ready to fit on the body. If there are any minor adjustments required, we will do it immediately on the same day.

We will then make all necessary adjustments immediately and then the clients will expect a fully ready suit. The client can come and pick up from our shop if available. Otherwise, we can deliver it to the hotel where the client is staying for free of charge.

The process of tailoring will depend on the length of the client staying in Thailand. We can make it ready within 24 hours or longer if the client allows us more time. Sometimes our clients submit their order and get first fitting, and then they to another part of Thailand. We can make the process according to how the clients prefers.