Our stock contains a vast variety of fabrics and we keep them at our store. One of the perks of tailoring your own suits is that you get a choice of endless selections of fabrics. Our Fabrics are specifically chosen from world-renowned mills all over the world. The best is that we offer is 100% Italian Cashmere Wool that offer the best quality.

SUITING – Please see our wide range of suiting collections. Fabrics are made out of 100% Italian Cashmere Wool. Lots of plain colours, Checked, Tweed Patterns, Prince of Wales checked. Select your colour and let us know with the fabric number you like and send the order with an image of the suit design. 

BLAZERS & JACKETS – Please see below the images for the blazers fabrics. Those are Italian Cashmere Wool with multiple patterns on the fabrics. If you go to our blazers section, you can choose the fabrics design and the image and send us your order.

LINING – Our lining selection on the last line, final two pictures, these are the materials for inside jacket lining fabrics. When you pick up the suit, you can choose the lining for the jacket nd we will make it according to your selection. These are the Kupra 100% Silk Lining for the Jacket.

Please see below the images of our variety selections of shirt fabrics. They are 100% Italian Snowberry Cotton, Twill Cotton, Egyptian Cotton, Pin-Point Cotton and Oxford Cotton Selection. There are multiple textures on the fabrics. You can choose the fabric and let us know which colour you would like. Send us the colour number from the image and we will make the shirts exactly according to your requirements.