More important than anything is the construction of the suit.


A well skilled tailor using their techniques can make an ordinary fabric seem extraordinary.

If you’re new to tailored suits, then you will learn about the construction of a suit. There is a difference between fully-fused, half-canvas, and full-canvas suit jackets may be as foreign to you.

The canvas on a suit is a layer of interlining that can be found between the outer wool fabric and the inner lining of a jacket.

We at Amit Fashion source our own canvases.


Canvases are typically a blend of wool and animal hair. The primary benefit of wool and animal hair is that these natural fibres can be manipulated under pressure and heat to retain its shape. Its also lightweight and hard-wearing.

Over time, the horsehair canvas begins to conform to your body shape giving you a BETTER FIT EVERY TIME YOU WEAR IT.

Once the darts and pockets have been made and the armhole have been taped, the jacket front is basted to the canvas.


In our hybrid fused jacket the front panel of the jacket including the lapel is fused with interlining. The chest piece along with wool canvas is sewn to the outer wool fabric on the chest area.

This allows the jacket to naturally drape over the your chest and conform to its shape.