Specially tailored ladies suits

Every women needs a suit to look sharp. We make special tailored made ladies suits. You can choose the fabric from our range of selection, style, cuts, and any details you prefer. You can send to us your preferable details and we will make your suit exactly how you like. You can have Jackets and Skirt Suits or Jacket and Trouser Suits. You can also order Skirts and Trousers with your Suit.

Image 1
Silver Grey Slim Fit Suit with big lapel trouser suit
Image 2
100% Italian Cashmere Suit - Slim Fit Two Button Suit
Image 3
Italian Cashmere Wool with Black Decoration
Image 4
Trendy Skirt Suit with flairy stripes pleated
Image 5
Royal Blue Cashmere Wool Skirt Suit and 3/4 sleeves
Image 6
Smart One Button Suit with Knee Length Skirt
Image 7
Round Neck Trendy Jacket with Pencil Skirt
Image 8
One Button Short Skirt Office-wear Suit
Image 9
Casual One Button Suit with Flairy Skirt
Image 10
Trouser Suit with One Button Slim-Fit Cut
Image 11
Grey One Button Short Jacket and Trousers
Image 12
Slim-Fit One Button Suit with Trousers

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